What is Search Engine Optimization !

Changes made to the content and structure of a website to improve ranking on a search engine results page (SERP).   Search engines recommend “search engine optimization” (SEO).  The efforts that benefit both the user and page’s ranking. These include the use of relevant keywords in headlines (H1) and subheads, “friendly” URLs with keywords rather than strings of numbers, and schema markup to make results richer and more detailed

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Important Steps in Search Engine Optimization

Step 1: Keyword Research

Keyword research is a significant step to recognize the most important keywords for the website. The process can be simplified with keyword research tools available on the internet.

Step 2: Competition Analysis

This step is required to notice your competitors. Competition analysis is performed using different tools and is one of the important aspects of SEO.

Step 3: SEO Audit

Audit your website and its ranking  for selected and recommended keywords. This step is highly important to understand the scope of improvement. It forms a very important pillar in the SEO process. Website audit and assessment is a challenging process.  You must know the fundamentals of SEO and  try to improve SEO ranking with professional help.  

Step 4: On-Page SEO Optimization

This step works towards On-page optimization requirements and site structure. Once you prepare your keyword list, the next step involves the inclusion of these keywords in the website content. Each page on your website should be targeting a core and relevant term, and a “basket” of related terms.


On-Page, optimization:

Following tips will help to achieve on page Optimization

  • Original, useful, and relevant content.
  • Focus on valuable information along with keywords.
  • Website structure, URL, map, etc.
  • Minimum loading time for the website pages, images also should load faster.
  • The website should be device friendly.
  • Frequently updating the content.

For a Strong website, it should also rank top in google search. Here we help you to make your website more visible and friendly. You can reach us out to get more information